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Museum’s Future

The Museum building was destroyed by fire on Wednesday 13 August 2014
There is a considerable collection of Aquarian archives and dreams to display it which is one option for the now razed site in the middle of Nimbin.

For example, someone is already sending an original Woodstock album with signatures of many of the artists who sang there! 

People can post anything they think is suitable to 
Nimbin Museum, NSW, 2480
02 66890326 
if they want to donate money for the dream, 
Nimbin Museum
Summerland Credit Union 
BSB 728 728 
Account 24318

The journey begins outside on the foot path where the head of the Rainbow Serpent rests.

Don’t be put off by the feral rabble often outside, this is the end of the road, the last bus stop – the plug hole. And they are the search party that we send in after you if you haven’t reappeared in a couple of hours!
Welcome and thanks for visiting……if you have relevant Nimbin historical stuff, from any era, do please contact us….

The Nimbin Museum was a whacky idea that popped up sitting on a composting dunny in the jungle on a hippie commune early one morning! Nimbin had begun to attract tourists who wanted some explanation of why Nimbin is such a different village to others in Australia.

A handful of local artists slowly but surely created what is there today. This is an effort to communicate the history of Nimbin through the eyes of a hippie.

The journey through eight rooms is a timeline showing a history of the earth where the museum is situated!

Hippie dreaming!



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