April Fools Day 2008

On April 1st 2008, a huge contingent of police raided the small Australian hippy town of Nimbin… yet again.


Spectacular quadofrantic images with a NimFM ScanDotOrg news file soundtrack.
This docudrama shot by police video camera shows the time used, trouble caused and expense of the farcical ‘war on drugs’.
You can witness the event in sequence from top left, top right, bottom left and right.
Blank spots come from the shaky camera. From avi, mpg, VOB on DVD, ffmpeg2, edit.mp4, to YT.flv is the format file trail, so the quality suffers.
40 minutes becomes ten so you can save time, space and money while you watch this piece of history.
Look for more in this series including; ‘Hound Dog Day’. 
The next annual Cannabis Law Reform Rally & Parade is always on the first weekend of May.

Scenes from the Riot Squad camera as they close the Embassy and Hemp Bar during the raid on April Fools Day 2008.
See more about Cannabis and prohibition at the Nimbin HEMP Embassy


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