A few new thoughts on the Nimbin Museum imminent closure.

It is the end of an era but it’s disturbing the way the Police have gone about taming Nimbin, after us ceaselessly inviting them to visit the Museum and discuss the situation, which they never have.
A lot of people are quietly going to jail. The 2 older aboriginal men who have been instrumental in keeping the youth out of the Museum (their old youth club remember) have been busted and given bail conditions forbidding them to be on the premises.
Police have told me they’ve already busted more people (you’ll be surprised who Michael!) selling to undercovers inside the building since MardiGrass. I reckon the undercovers have specifically targeted Museum helpers, trying to incriminate them. While dealing is going on all over town they have targeted the Museum and the HEMP Bar. After police telling us for years the dealing just had to get off the street it’s a bit rich!
It’s also about as sick as it gets begging someone to sell you a ‘twent”. No one wants to do it. No one is profiting here…it’s like refusing sick people their medicine. Below the belt tactics but, hey, should we be surprised by tactics of the NSW police?
If these are dangerous crimes why don’t they arrest people immediately? Why don’t they arrest them now? It’s like cold war tactics have arrived here….they’ve stopped communicating and have an arsenal of busts to release to the media every week i suspect (like the one in the Northern Star this week). And they haven’t even let loose the LCC bureaucrats yet. Remember they came in during the April Fools Day bust, measuring every room and doorway etc.

I can’t be stuffed jumping thru their silly hoops which will kill the spirit of what the Museum is all about anyway.

There is a tribe here, born out of a vision which saw a better way of living with each other and the Earth. Todays social and environmental concerns all highlight how correct and prophetic our visions were.

And the war on cannabis, our sacred herb…so much a part of all the mind expanding new lifestyle and spirituality we discovered, has caused shocking division and conflict in our community now the word has spread and it is so popular. And so expensive and potentially profitable.

Until the supply of cannabis is an acceptable and properly managed part of our lifestyle here the blackmarket will continue to breed disrespect. The only way to maybe reduce the cannabis market here is to reduce the tourists which the police are managing to do quite well at the moment.

$$$$$$$ Just how much has it cost, this effort at taming Nimbin. 4 Sydney Riot Squad raids that i can think of…3 MardiGrasses and April Fools Day. 9 permanent police here now, endless court cases…..the police told Parliament this years MardiGrass only cost $35,000……for over100 police, dogs, horses, Winnebago, roadblocks for a month prior….i’m not bothered to ask again!

The CCTV cameras the Nimbin shopkeepers are still paying off, is the straw which broke the camels back with the Museum.
Interesting figures on the 208 drug detections they have recorded in the Museum since 2001. These figures were used to get the MardiGrass closure. I reckon i could record 208 drug detections in one morning in Nimbin if i could write fast enough!
2001….2 drug detections
2005….16 (CCTV cameras introduced on the street live to police station this year)
2008 until May….40

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