Hard for you to picture

Hard for you to picture the Nimbin situation. It’s a country town a bit like Kings Cross!

We built the stage in the backyard for just that reason. The last time we had a fundraiser there, for the aboriginal communities access road, the police completely disrupted the day by harassing an elder before he went on stage. They were totally insensitive and poked a hornets nest. Most people, including the performers, left.

We have a new sergeant, a weapons expert rugby player, who has a crew of 9 police to clean up the town. It’s their job to do, but we rarely see them up the street . They sit in the station watching the cameras. Now they want us to put cameras in the Museum for them to watch.

Why should the tenant pay?

And unconditionally reporting any potential crime!! I’ll be on the phone all day!!

The extreme conditions are spooking prospective tenants but I’m letting people know the new rules, hoping to find you a new Museum tenant. Even the pub doesn’t have these rules!

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