The Restricted Premises Act

It looks like the Nimbin Museums days are numbered as ‘1984’ arrives in the tiny rebel village in the form of a 1943 law, created during the world war 2 for out of control army parties. The police have threatened the absentee landlord of the Museum building with “The Restricted Premises Act” unless certain complex conditions apply (detailed below).

Curator Michael Balderstone, who has been a tenant in the building for over twenty years says his time might be up. “These conditions are technically ridiculous and virtually impossible. Someone else might like it but it’s not me. With these rules I have to phone the Sarge every time I see a joint or a bong, or even each time I see someone pocket an empty orchy bottle suspiciously! I’ll never be able to get off the phone.”

The new tenant s conditions include.

1. New tenant to have a clear history with NO criminal records

2. Agree to house CCTV in and out of the shop with access by police at anytime or by video link

3. Undertaking to Landlord that they will not support and allow any illegal activity by staff or customers on site and will report any potential illegal activity to police unconditionally.

4. Tenant will indemnify Landlord of all and any wrong doings associated with the retail store

Michael Balderstone 66891123 or 66891842 after hours 66897525 ..maybe more on web if the hippies get out of bed!!


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