Jingywalla Blagganmirr Nganyulna Bugal Wern (Welcome Everyone To Our Good Time).

Sunday 21st December the Mingle Park Stage plays host to a Summer Solstice Celebration behind the Nimbin Museum.

Opening with a Welcome to Country at Midday with Auntie Viv, presenting artists and performers confirmed include Bunna Lawrie (and we’ll be showing his Whale Dreamers film), Monkey and the Fish, Bib, Chris Bolt, Johnnie Aseron (Lokota songman and storyteller), Bigg Hoolz, Spooki, Al Japaljari, Kaliba, Johnny No Cash, Ghetto Tonto and Nimbins new discovery, singer poet Kara. MC Mark Jago.

“This celebration of the longest day is also to acknowledge the Museums ongoing contribution to the community.This place has stood by our mob through thick and thin over many years. The Museum has helped to raise awareness of many Aboriginal issues. We feel welcome here and we are very grateful the Museum is going to continue”, said Widjabal Burri na, Bib. Elspeth Jones, the new Museum leaseholder says,”I’m learning about where I am. The aboriginal cultural/earth connection underlies everything and my priorities are changing. We have to care for where we are and celebrate our freedom to do so.”

Having so many Aboriginal people at the Museum was teaching everyone a lot says Michael Balderstone, curator of the Museum. “They have a much stronger sense of community and family and sharing than us recent arrivals. Fortunately the hippies love of the Earth gives us a connection which has been forged from thousands of years of getting to know this country. Aboriginals are the best friends hippies ever had, and I suspect it may be the same for some of them. We are on a journey to where Aboriginal people already were for thousands of years, in harmony with nature.”

The new cameras for the Museum should be installed by the Solstice event, as well as a fence around the backyard, named Mingle Park some time ago by volunteer gardener Aaron Richardson. Resigned to the Police conditions imposed on the landlord recently, Museum volunteers are waiting to see how the new situation pans out. ” We’ll know soon enough”, said Michael.
Admission for the day $10 waged, $5 unwaged and backpackers. The gig coincides with Nimbins 3rd Sunday of the month Christmas Market.
Further info and enquiries phone the Museum on 66891123, or Chris Fisher and Roy Gordon on 0417 246869

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