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Values, culture and behaviour are the building blocks of civilization.

Its underlying values make, or define a culture.

The upside of drugs is that they change consciousness.

A change of consciousness brings a change of values.

Dominant culture makes some drugs illegal because they change the user’s outlook.

Dominant culture fears a change of outlook because that might undermine its dominant values.

Dominant culture is essentially conservative – against change – because change threatens its dominance.

Dominant values are destroying life as we know it.

Dominant culture destroys society and individuals.

Of course there are dangers with drugs – as with any useful tool, like fire, a knife, penicillin, cars, or aircraft.

All great works of literature throughout history have been influenced by drugs, such as alcohol, cannabis, opium, coffee, cocaine, and amphetamines.

The great writings of any era are written from the effects of the preferred drug of that era.

Sigmund Freud was a cocaine addict with a hole in his nasal septum to prove it.

Conan Doyle wrote Sherlock Holmes on cocaine. 

Jack Kerouac wrote ‘On the Road” while doing speed.

Francis Crick who discovered the double helix of DNA was probably on LSD. When a journalist asked him directly, Crick replied evasively, “If you publish that I’ll sue”, and there’s no proof, but he did belong to a drug law reform group called Soma. 

Steve Jobs of Apple Mac invented computers on cannabis and acid.

“If Bill Gates had done acid he would have made better computers and done better for the public.” (Steve Jobs)

At Asclepius’ temple of healing in Classical Athens, the patients smoked cannabis.

Cannabis was an official medicine in ‘The British Pharmacopeia’ till 1938.

Queen Victoria took cannabis for her period pain.

All culture throughout history has been fashioned by drugs.

All turning points in the evolution of culture have been drug induced.

Saving the world needs a change in consciousness!

Saving civilization needs a change of culture!

Drugs facilitate cultural change. That’s why they are banned.

Drugs are an art form.

Magic mushrooms open our eyes to nature’s magic.

Cannabis is the flag ship of the Counter Culture because it enables the change of consciousness, values and behaviour which might have saved ecology and civilization from dominant culture. Alas now too late!

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