Rupert the Phone Hacker visits Nimbin


“Rupert the Phone Hacker”, an artwork by local sculptor Darmin Cameron, has been loaned to the Nimbin Museum and is now installed in the Museums cafe.

The art work is made mostly of mobile phones and makes a comment on the News of the World phone hacking scandal, who’s editors are currently being tried in the British Courts.

Michael Balderstone the curator of the Museum said, “It’s perfect timing exhibiting this artwork in the Museum with the ‘fall guys” currently in court.”

“Rupert the Phone Hacker fits perfectly with our recycle-reuse policy, turning rubbish into art and making a powerful political statement at the same time, very cool.“

Michael said, “It is already attracting the attention of the ‘mobile phone generation’. What a great way to get a message across to them, humorous and poignant.”

The artist Darmin said, “Rupert The Phone Hacker is an effigy of a Media Baron made mostly of gutted mobile phones. It represents innocent peoples lives hacked to pieces as they are sucked into the moral vacuum that the modern Media Baron inhabits. Many lives were trashed and used as fodder by Rupert Murdoch to sell his sensationalist driven newspapers. He gives journalism a worse name than it already has, that is a tough gig.”

The artwork is currently for sale on the Saatchi Gallery’s online store at $4000 for more details visit –

Is it the truth? Or is your News Limited?

For more info call Michael Balderstone at the Nimbin Museum 02 66891123 Or Darmin Cameron 0428337088

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