Rupert the Phone Hacker visits Nimbin

“Rupert the Phone Hacker”, an artwork by local sculptor Darmin Cameron, has been loaned to the Nimbin Museum and is now installed in the Museums cafe.

The art work is made mostly of mobile phones and makes a comment on the News of the World phone hacking scandal, who’s editors are currently being tried in the British Courts.


The robbers also took the jar of human teeth mixed in with white sugar cubes. “Cutting edge art”, says Michael. “And those teeth were hard to collect, many posted to us from the northern rivers after we put a call out for them. The robbers must have had a sweet tooth we suspect. Surely they didn’t want the teeth.

Mingle Park by Arron Richardson

In 2005 I landscaped the backyard of the Nimbin Museum. I made the fireplace from old bricks and bits of concrete and I made some stairs and I called it Mingle Park.

Museum Explained

Values, culture and behaviour are the building blocks of civilization. Its underlying values make, or define a culture. The upside of drugs is that they change consciousness. A change of consciousness brings a change of values. Dominant culture makes some drugs illegal because they change the user’s outlook. Dominant culture fears a change of outlook […]

In the can, if you can

  While you are here now please walk the Museums Rainbow Serpent path through the dinosaur, aboriginal, pioneer and hippy eras of this piece of earth we now call Nimbin. Possibly the last refuge of the hippy, this is a volunteer run community venture and is struggling to pay its ever increasing rent, so donate […]

Web site changes

The Nimbin Museum web site has changed to a different method of displaying the contents.


This celebration of the longest day is also to acknowledge the Museums ongoing contribution to the community.This place has stood by our mob through thick and thin over many years. The Museum has helped to raise awareness of many Aboriginal issues.

Nimbin Museum and HEMP Bar back in business

The Nimbin Museum is open for business and the Nimbin HEMP Bar will soon be opening its doors again, with locals banding together to save the two iconic buildings from closure.

Nimbin alive but under surveillance

Benny Zable won’t have to paint his famous Nimbin murals black because the villages unique Museum is to stay open with a new lessee Elspeth Jones. “I’m just representing an extended family, or so it feels.

The Restricted Premises Act

It looks like the Nimbin Museums days are numbered as ‘1984’ arrives in the tiny rebel village in the form of a 1943 law, created during the world war 2 for out of control army parties.