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Rudd Poster Art

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Rudd Slinging at Nimbin Museum

I promised to stand up for minority groups, but Aboriginal pot smoking lesbians is a bit much dudes. I’ll allow two of those, but not all three! Do you mean pot smokers are a minority group? I thought only a few Nimbin psychos smoked…
I better change the law before my kids get busted…. Or the army has to be called in because the police hardly respect the law anymore. Why should they, when half their mates smoke, and hopefully they did once too. I wish I’d had a toke when it was offered… at least I’d understand why some people love it so much.
Yes, I agree, it is pathetic that Nimbin has no cannabis market where sellers can openly display their product for buyers to try…
No wonder disrespect for authority is a growth industry!
$$$ invest in jails, security, water cannons & stun guns
Send RUDD A BUDD – Send KEVIN to HEAVEN – He has no idea!
“I’ve had no experience, not even stoned once, even when I grew long hair and wandered the East coast. I was just a pretend Hippy. But you guys, who did it for real – your criminals and need to be locked up – or at least retrained! Or so they tell me. Write to me if you have a different story.”
To: Kevin Rudd. Canberra. Australia. Minister for Compassion.
“Never, never never! I’m in John Howard’s camp on this one”
Email me: Kevin.Rudd.MP@aph.gov.au
Send photos.
Tell him to get real on pot.
Regulate supply, end the black market and the war on (certain) drugs, end the pharmaceutical giants controlling pain management. Tell him WE ARE NOT CRIMINALS.
“We’ll have cannabis cafes all around the country. No stupid dangly scales! Fair prices. Plenty of choice. G.S.T.
ALL ORGANIC with honest drug education and LOVE.”
“I look forward to ending the ludicrous WAR ON DRUGS and Decriminalising you guys.”
Nimbin Museum… the only thing worth doing in Nimbin.

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