• Nimbin Museum

    Nimbin Museum


The Museum has eight rooms with a tour that follows the rainbow serpent path.

As a child, did you ever wander around a farmer’s homestead, where no faithful piece of equipment ever went to the tip, but stood all about the farmyard, like museum exhibits?

Sometimes the oldest sheds would contain treasure troves of the everyday items of yesteryear, as well as the prized pieces too good to leave out in the weather.

The Nimbin Museum is like that, but it’s in an old shop in the middle of it all in the centre of Nimbin, and it’s not just a museum of rural antiquity, but of the Nimbin Aquarius Festival, the new settlers that followed, and the things they struggled to achieve.

If you follow the Rainbow Serpent painted on the floor, you will wind your way through a maze of rooms, each with its own theme, and built/painted by local artists, all on a shoestring, courtesy of donations given by those that felt the experience merited it. If you don’t think it’s worth it, you don’t have to pay.

Many artists have contributed to the Nimbin Museum over the years  and here, on the web site, are just a few examples of the amazing art to be found! [All over the walls, the floor and the ceiling, inside and out!]

You may find the oldest thing you ever threw away, there to haunt you….

Click on the serpent to continue.

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