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The Bundjalung Room

Turn left at the yellow Kombi takes you through the Bundjalung room

The Bundjalung room was created to represent the people who lived on this piece of earth, in this area, before the invasion by europeans less than 200 years ago. Pre white-man the area was under a 60 to 80 metre canopy of sub-tropical rainforest. There were dense gullies but open areas as well.

The Bundjalung have always been here in the dreaming Butheram. “Our life was freedom”, (Bundjalung elder Uncle Eric Walker). Bundjalung is the spirit of the goanna from the dawn of creation and the making of the land, and the spirit of its people.

The Nimbin valley was known as the healing place of the Wiyabul the host tribe of Nimbin. Each Bundjalung clan had a camp area in the valley. There are many sacred sites, initiation areas, camp sites and ceremonial grounds, belonging to the seven clans of the Bundjalung in the Nimbin valley. For example, the original Nimbin showground was built on a major ceremonial ground. In fact many showgrounds of towns and cities in Australia are built on Aboriginal ceremonial grounds, which were large cleared circular areas.

The Bundjalung room infrastructure was built mainly by Koda and Helen with papier-mache. Burri Jerome’s artwork depicts “The River Story and the getting of the Law.”

“The River Story and the getting of the Law” is written on the tree.

Creation spirits -Wandjina from the west. they are water spirits, the water came from the west and flooded the land.

The getting of Law

End of the story of the getting of the Bundjalung laws.
Part of the River Story, the milky way and the Clarence river, the meeting with Birrigan on the bank of the river.

The museum wouldn’t have survived without Johnny Bayles, pictured here on the left with Burri in the cafe.  And we won’t if he goes to Brazil!

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