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The Creation Room


Burri painting creation story January 2005 (Burri is sitting on the rear of the combi that sticks out onto the footpath.)
“This is the creation of the Bundjalung lands, first 3 minutes. In this picture I am painting the fossil record detailing early aquatic epoch.

Everything was seen within the first 3 minutes from the smallest to the biggest, all of the things that were to be were known within the first 3 minutes.
This is the human perspective of the first 3 minutes, this is the proper dreaming, when the humans became three lifeforms, the birds, the animals and the reptiles, and there was immediately over population in the land, it became crowded and then the great flood came.” Burri 2005


 primordial sun


“First began directly overhead, then set to the west, beginning the first day.It became dark and the Yalgun Goorriahboo (means the first light from that sun that rose in the east) the sun came from Willuarra Milliaramarra (the first sun in the west).”


“And then the dreaming began to move from the east to the west.”

The Family

“This is the Bundjalung family present on the day of creation.
Aboriginal people come from before the dreaming
Aboriginal people are before during and after creation.

The Bundjalung are the northern NSW Australian aboriginal tribe who lived from the Northbank of the Clarence river at Grafton to the south bank of the Brisbane river at Morton Bay, inland to Warwick and south to Tenterfield.”


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